Cynthia Minden

Artist, Sculptor

look over look

Cynthia Minden’s new installation of sculptures and mobiles “look over look” (2017) is a culmination of two years of artistic exploration. She has incorporated the concept of mobiles into her work, creating suspended forms; diminutive, marionette-like figures, that hint at the delicacy and fragility of existence, combining her woven animated forms with found objects, bits and pieces of detritus she finds along the way.

Hanging with the figures are mobiles, random-woven from reed, vines, paper and pigments. Drawing on her interest in ecology, these biomorphic shapes are almost primitive, translucent, with a certain delicacy, pods, egg-like, celestial.

Shadows, created by careful placement of lights and backdrop, add a striking component, a mysterious third dimension. The relationship between objects shift and move with gentle air currents - the work is never static.