Cynthia Minden

Artist, Sculptor

Reclamation - Assemblages,  August 2012 - ongoing

“Reclamation marks a compelling entry-point into a dialogue about humanity’s relationship with the natural world. I was honoured to enter this space of contemplation in which sticks, stones and rusted nails, bound together in discorded unity, seemed to bring to life new possibilities for redemption.”

Sharon Karsten

Executive Director, Comox Valley Art Gallery

“Congratulations on your show. I was delighted with your pieces, their foundness and tenderness and the loving dexterity with which they were assembled.”

Des Kennedy

Author, Journalist, Master gardener

“Here is a mindful world of enfolding layers; layers that might shelter hidden meaning, or some precious core. Holding fast to bone, fibre and hair. The outcome of precise observation and reflection.

Here are elusive endings and ties that bind. A recollection of lost surfaces; phantom past lives. The intricate beauty of material decay...bewitching degradations as if sketched from memory. Illuminating moments of clarity and light.

Here is a quiet dialogue between the artist and time. Chosen objects seem to speak and know together. Familial things with a secret language whispering through and between them like a connective thread. A progressive threading and unthreading of loss and discovery. Finding meaning and beauty in the discarded and the abject. Here there are offerings.”

Sarah Joyce

Curator, New Media Gallery, New Westminster, BC

Click on each image to see a detail.

Long Green with Chain (12”w x 24”h)

Treated wood (Duo) (12”w x 35.5”h)

Blue lock, rock, bark (14”w x 18”h)

Circles (14”w x 18”h)

Wasp nest with bark (11”w x 14”h)

Leaves with tin, detail (12”w x 24”h), frame not shown

Bundles, layers (Duo - top) (12”w x 24”h)

Bundles, layers (Duo - bottom - frame not shown) (12”w x 24”h)

Lock Bone (14”w x 18”h)

Orange Wood with Watch Bundle (20”w x 16”h)

Scapula with Small Wheel (11”w x 14”h)

Small Teeth (11”w x 14”h)

Four Fetishes (20”w x 16”h)

Blue Wood with Old Watch (16”w x 20”h)

Three Bundles (18”w x 24”h)

Three plus Three (16”w x 20”h)

Cleft (12”w x 24”h)

Curly Blue (12”w x 24”h)

Seeds with Metal and Wood (12”w x 24”h)

Metal with Bark Curl & Chain (14”w x 18”h)

Assemblage with Fresh Flower (18”w x 14”h)

Three Bundles with Marbles (18”w x 14”h)

Scissors Nail Stone (24”w x 18”h)

Slinky (14”w x 18”h)

Metal with Woven Bark (14”w x 18”h)

Installation shot from the Denman Summer Gallery, August 2012